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Most Subscribed YouTube Channels, Most Subscribed Russian YouTube Channels : EeOneGuy SlivkiShow A4 Pozzy BrainMaps +100500- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. Sep 18, 2015, 5:30 AM Sweden's PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world right now Short Bytes: YouTube has released its year end list of the most popular videos of 2015 to honor the best content creators. These popular videos range from the President Obama edition of Mean Tweets.. Top 100 YouTubers in Serbia sorted by SB Rank. Hello, visitor! Please consider adding SocialBlade.com to your adblock whitelist. Our ads support the development and upkeep of the site. Upgrade to a Premium Subscription to load the site without ads. Sorted by: SB Rank. Sort by SB Rank. Sort by Subscribers. Sort by Video Views PewDiePie, also known as Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a hilarious YouTuber from Sweden. With over 100 million subscribers, he's one of the most valuable YouTubers right now.His channel features everything from vlogs to his famous let's play video series, where he records himself playing video games

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  1. She has an eponymous YouTube channel. In 2015, she was one of the 30 teens regarded as most influential. Two years later, Forbes named her as one of the 30 under 30 list members. Achievements: Her YouTube channel has over 8.2 million subscribers hence one of the most popular YouTubers in 2018. Subscribe her Youtube channel: Lele Pon
  2. Sweden's PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world right now
  3. With over 9 million subscribers to his channel technical guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the famous youtubers and most Popular YouTubers In India. Gaurav created his YouTube channel technical guruji in 2015, started publishing videos in Hindi talking about technology, smartphones, reviews, unboxing etc

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  1. Jenna Mourey's YouTube persona JennaMarbles has become one of the most recognizable on YouTube as well as the most subscribed female-run channel on the site. In the four years since joining the site JennaMarbles quickly shot up as one of its most popular stars
  2. DanIsNotOnFire. It may only be a small country, but the UK is home to some of the biggest YouTubers in the world. From superstar vloggers like Zoella, to superstar singers like Adele, there are a.
  3. today the third most visited website and online video entertainment has never been as popular as it currently is (Alexa, 2015). There are more than 1 billion users on YouTube and adding up the time that people spend watching videos every day leads to hundreds of millions of hours (YouTube, 2015)
  4. YouTube/Screenshot Sweden's PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber Continued The post The 15 most popular YouTubers in the world appeared first on Business Insider
  5. Most popular Youtubers Ryan's World TheEllenShow Dude Perfect Movieclips Trailers Blippi - Educational Videos for Kids Billie Eilish David Dobrik ItsFunneh Dave and Ava - Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs Aphmau CNCO TheEngineeringFamil

The Top 20 Most Popular YouTubers Boast An Astonishing 551+ Million Subscribers In Total. UPDATE December 21, 2018 — At over 551 million subscribers, the 20 most popular YouTubers have roughly 224 million more viewers than the entire U.S. population Who are the Top 250 YouTube Channels in United States? Check the Top 250 YouTubers list via noxinfluencer.com. This page is updated every day Sep 18, 2015 at 6:55 AM. He has long been one of the most popular YouTubers thanks to the show, which has featured huge celebrity guests like Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman United States About Youtuber I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels in India | Best YouTubers in India: most subscribed youtube channel in India 2020, youtube channel earnings in India. This channel was created by Gaurav Chaudhary in 2015 this channel aims to provide technical knowledge in a simple and easy way

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  1. The 100 most popular channels generated more than 14.7bn video views in January 2015 according to figures published by industry site Tubefilter based on data from analytics firm OpenSlate, which.
  2. YouTube has been around for about 10 years now and it has already made its mark in the Guinness Book of World Records.This article highlights five Youtubers that are either currently in the Guinness Book of World Records or were in it at one point in time. Among these five are the vlogging masters Shay Carl and Charles Trippy as well as the most popular man in YouTube's short history, Felix.
  3. Toby Turner is one of the most popular internet comedians, having amassed a whopping 14.99 million subscribers across his three YouTube channels. He first joined in 2006, when he produced a popular parody of the Adam Sandler movie Click
  4. Today's top YouTubers can command more than $300,000 for a video partnership, They even ventured into feature films with 2015's Smosh: featuring his wildly popular series,.
  5. ated by names like PewDiePie and Dude Perfect, the platform's most popular creators 10 years ago featured names like NigaHiga, Fred, and KevJumba
  6. YouTube Analytics & Stats of Most Popular YouTubers YouTube trending videos from most subscribed and most viewed channels in any country or categor
  7. Most Popular 'Downton Abbey 2' Hitting Theaters in December With Original Cast Returning Scott Rudin Fallout Intensifies With Sutton Foster Statement, Emotional Video From Late Assistant's Twi

The Top Ten. 1 PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website,read more It became her most popular video, but the buzz was relatively short-lived. The last time she scored more than a million views was back in 2013, when she parodied The Cup Song Check out the top youtube channels in Ethiopia on Vidooly. Get 50 most Subscribed youtube channels by subscriber, top youtubers and youtube top subscribers from Ethiopi 7. Franchesca Ramsey. Franchesca Ramsey is multi-talented: not only is she hilarious, but her honest and insightful discussions about race and culture are unparalleled. She's even hosting a web. In 2019, Juan De Dios (a renowned YouTuber) made a 37-minute video with some former team employees of Badabun. They accused the show's crew of making up stories and relationship gists to get more audience. In all of these, the entertainment hub gets more popular every year. And they now rank among the most popular YouTube channels in the world

Hola Soy German is a popular YouTuber from Chile. With his large following of 33 million subscribers, he's regarded as the most popular Spanish YouTuber of all time. He's the star of his own show and is the only actor in every video that he uploads Nov 11, 2014, 8:15 AM. YouTube/Screenshot Sweden's PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world right now. YouTube has exploded since it first launched in 2005, becoming the de-facto. Most recently in the headlines for his amateur boxing match with fellow YouTuber, Logan Paul, Olajide William JJ Olatunji — KSI to his fans — is a British gamer, rapper, and actor. Creating commentary, sketch, music, and other videos, KSI's videos have exceeded 4 billion views. YouTube — 19.6M subscribers

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RuTube: The Top Russian YouTubers You Need to Know. By Sasha Raspopina. April 13, 2015. Advocat Egorov is one of the few RuTube stars who has a real job. He makes survivalist videos shot in the. The streaming site has released its list of the most popular clips of the year By Adam Boult 10 December 2015 • 14:45 pm Britain's most-viewed video of 2015 was a clip from Britain's Got Talent. Merchandise Sales. If an influencer has a loyal fan base, they can make a pretty penny selling branded swag. It's estimated that PewDiePie, the world's most popular YouTuber, makes over $6 million a month from merch sales Popular Youtubers in Arab - Saudis are among the biggest users of YouTube in the world. These are the 10 most popular/ famous YouTube stars in the Arab world and some are making millions

T-Series is best known for its Bollywood music soundtracks. It's the most-subscribed-to Hindi-language and Indian YouTube channel. It's also the first channel to reach 100 million subscribers With 20.5 million subscribers and the net worth of some $12.5 million, Mark is unquestionably one of the most influential gamers and YouTubers in the world today. He mostly produces 'Let's Play' gaming videos and he frequently covers horror and indie games like Slender: The Eight Pages or Surgeon Simulator, but he occasionally covers mainstream games like Minecraft The 10 Richest YouTubers Of All-Time. has grown himself one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, helping him gain a net worth of $20 million. Ryan's toy reviews began being documented by his parents in March 2015 and the channel has now grown to have over 18 million subscribers,. Mr Antoine Daniel. Mr Antoine Daniel is another hysterical YouTuber whose videos generally revolve around different themes such as difference countries and internet videos he found funny. For the most part his videos are a little more structured than some of the other Youtubers mentioned in this list 14. Like Nastya Show Subscribers: 37.1 million What to know: One of the most popular spaces in the world of YouTube is shows for children, hosted by children (and produced by their parents.

You know a career path is mainstream when Forbes starts ranking its highest-paid members, and that's what happened to professional YouTube stars in 2015. The news that Swedish videogame vlogger Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie ) grossed $12 million last year raised some eyebrows and sparked a fresh wave of interest in making YouTube videos for a living Here's a list of top US YouTubers and 100 of the most subscribed YouTube channels that have turned the website into a global phenomenon. 1. PEWDIEPIE : 105 Million Subscriber

Ali-A is one of the UK's most popular gaming YouTubers. He uploads videos of himself commentating over gameplay of popular games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. In 2015, he was awarded Guinness World Records for most popular Call of Duty channel both by views and subscribers One that stands out the most is his collaboration with PewDiePie, who is one of the most subscribed YouTubers. Jelly's has around 17.5 million subscribers and a view could of 5.6 billion. Jelly has been known to upload comedic gameplays, his commentaries are child friendly and hilarious, and his vlogs are also included in the content that is watched more frequently on his channel

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  1. The most popular channel on YouTube now belongs to British gamer Daniel Middleton, whose Minecraft videos published as The Diamond Minecart were watched more than 402m times in July 2015 alone
  2. istries and more Youtube
  3. This 50-something So-Cal duo has created 1000+ videos covering a wide range of topics. Ryan wields logic and science to respectfully debunk anti-vegan rhetoric spread by mass media in popular response videos, while Anji vlogs What I Ate In A Day, travel vids, unboxings, and reviews to illustrate how easy and fun it is to live a vegan lifestyle
  4. The Fab 5 Female Minecraft Youtubers Taking Over 2015. November 11, 2015 November 30, 2015 BeastNode Minecraft, Top Gamers. Video games are not just for boys, computer based or otherwise. iHasCupquake is another popular female Minecraft player that also has a Youtube page. However,.
  5. Most Popular YouTubers YouTubers Terlucu dengan Subscribers Terbanyak. Posted on Februari 2, 2015 by rebeccaoctaviani. Smosh adalah duo pelawak web yang terdiri dari Ian Hecox (lahir 30 November 1987) dan Anthony Padilla (lahir 16 September 1987).
  6. The richest YouTubers make more money from launching their own product lines, they got caught writing swear words on their desks. That's how they got the name of their most popular YouTube channel, Good Mythical Morning. He was the most influential figure on Vine in 2015
  7. Kenyan YouTubers are creating a diverse range of content and are building increasingly large audiences from around the world. In this article, you will find a list of the top 10 Kenyan YouTubers. 1. The Wajesus Family. First of the 10 popular Kenyan YouTubers is the Wajesus Family

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Top 20 travel YouTubers to follow in 2019 1. Sorelle Amore. It's hard not to fall in love with this quirky, travel-loving female powerhouse. Sorelle has been on the go for most of her life, and once you see her ear-to-ear smile when she opens up about travel, you'll be inspired to get up and make a positive change in your life Here is this list of top 10 most Subscribed and Popular Youtubers 2018. Let's Take a look. 10. Vegetta777 — 17.3 million subscribers- 17.3 thousand subscribers-Samuel de Luque is a hysterically popular Spanish YouTuber who has been found to be known for his voice-overs of recordings for Mine-craft, Holy person's Row, and Combat area However, this YouTuber is best known for his Machinima. This form of video creation was particularly popular in the mid-2000s, but Nixxiom has continued to produce content to this day. The most popular collection he has is his How to: Class series. Even on his home page, he separates these from the rest of his Machinima Since its development, YouTube, the world's third most popular online destination, has transformed from a video-sharing site into a job opportunity for content creators in both new and mainstream media. Based on content analysis, the study examined how three prominent YouTubers have created a successful personal brand Most-subscribed YouTubers. This chart as of April 15, 2021, Most-subscribed Channels 2015. In January of 2015, (Real Name Ben Going) became one of the most popular YouTubers in the period between late 2006 and mid 2007 with a few of his early videos(of which some are deleted) going viral

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Dr. Michael Greger, one of the most popular vegan MDs, is the face behind this large YouTube channel. Together with a team of volunteers, he publishes new videos almost daily and gives you a deep dive into a plethora of topics, such as blood pressure, intermittent fasting, single nutrients and how to increase their absorption, gluten, hormonal health and diabetes In 2015, Caeli changed her focus and began recording tutorials and makeup videos. In 2016, Caeli expanded her horizons and was introduced to the world of video games, recording while playing (although she has only made two gaming videos). Her most popular YouTube videos are her makeup tutorials Your guide to the top youtube cooking channels. Listed here in order of most subscribed are the top ten YouTube cooking channels for 2015. We've added in some other interesting stats, their channel blurb and an example of a recent video Joined in January 2015 104,364 views 429 subscribers Link to channel. The final channel that we're introducing today is hosted by two elementary school-aged brothers (one's in sixth grade and the other's in third grade) who enjoy posting videos about interesting science experiments, magic tricks, and things they've built, all of which busy parents searching for something new to. The top 10 most popular instant noodle brands at the start of 2021; Unmarked cop cars in Japan pull crazy Transformer-style trick when they pull someone over【Videos】 Beautiful photos of the isekai-looking mountain that's one of the Tokyo area's best day-trip

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Here is a look at Top Indian YouTubers and their channel. 1] Amit Bhadana (Amit Bhadana) Amit Bhadana is one of the most popular Indian YouTuber. He has as many as 16 million subscribers. Amit is loved for his desi style. He created his YouTube channel, Amit Bhadana in Ocober 2012. Initially he had to struggle to fetch the audience's attention

This channel is very fast becoming the most popular in clever guy he was very successful in racking up a massive subscriber base during the bull run and has become one of the most successful crypto youtubers of putting together beginner level videos about trading and investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since August 2015 Natoo is also up there as one of the most popular French YouTubers. Natoo's channel is a little more varied with travel vlogs, sketches, and translations of Blurred Lines. The video is a great start as it's quite visual so you won't need to understand every word to know what's going on Top 10 most popular independent YouTubers in India: Social Blade latest information with media info, photos and videos provided on websites

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Sep 18, 2015, 18:00 IST. YouTube/Screenshot. Sweden's PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world right now. YouTube has exploded since it first launched in 2005, becoming the de-facto. January 14, 2015: 13. Sorry Justin Bieber: 3.42: October 22, 2015: 14. Roar Katy Perry: 3.33: September 5, 2013: 15. Counting Stars OneRepublic: 3.26: May 31, 2013: 16. Dame Tu Cosita El Chombo: 3.26: April 5, 2018: 17. Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran: 3.23: October 7, 2014: 18. Shake It Off Taylor Swift: 3.04: August 18, 2014: 19. Faded Alan Walker: 3.0 Shane Dawson is a young actor from California who started out making videos on YouTube for hobby and eventually became one of the biggest stars of the popular video website. His main videos, small sketches and parodies of popular songs, are seen by millions of people and the most recurrent. Best known for his humorous vlogs and song parodies, Whindersson Nunes is one of the youngest Brazilian YouTubers to reach such a high subscriber count. This artist and influencer has been smart about managing his channel, consistently delivering fresh content with approachable introductions and engaging in beneficial collaborations with other YouTubers April 9, 2015: Koboko Fitness: 1.01M: 73M views: June 14, 2016: Omarlsuf: 821K: 178M views: April 12, 2009: Barbell Brigade: 695K: 135M views: June 13, 200

TOTAL VIEWS (than Avg.) WORLD RANK. AREA RANK () Top YouTubers updated: 2021-04-21. Sorted by NoxScore Sorted by Subscribed Sorted by Avg.Views Sorted by Growth Sorted by Unsubscribed Sorted by Monthly Views. Sorted by Subscribed Subscribers: 11.7 million. Yearly Income: $USD531.5K to $USD8.5M. Most Viewed: I became a stream sniper (31 million views) i became a stream sniper.. 6. Troye Sivan. Content: From YouTube cover singer to a pro musician, this Aussie artist gained lots of fans from the LGBT community for his voice and personality

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See which of your favorite YouTubers have stripped down on the gram. From James Charles to Nikita Dragun to Jeffree Star, here are famous YouTubers naked Get Hands Dirty. Get Hands Dirty is the woodworking channel from Cristiana Felgueiras, a woodworker (and musician) from Portugal. The quality of the filming and sound is very good and definitely one to watch out for in 2016

Daniel DanTDM Middleton is a British YouTuber with over 23 million subscribers and 16 billion views, making him one of the platform's highest-paid content creators. He creates content primarily for Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. DanTDM's YouTube channel, The Diamond Minecraft, first launched back in 2012 Another of the YouTubers with the most followers in the world. It has 20.8 million subscribers. Samuel de Luque is a popular Spaniard YouTuber who became famous for his 20.8 million voice-over videos for games such as ' Minecraft ', ' Saint's Row ' and ' Battlefield ' METHODS This article's purpose is to analyse the contents produced by the two most popular YouTubers amongst our sample: the Portuguese Wuant and the Swede PewDiePie. Considering the high number of videos published by each YouTuber and the impossibility of doing a complete analysis of them, a month (May 2017) was chosen for observation and analysis 1 Most popular video: Rockabye (Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - Electric Violin Cover (8 238 017 views) 9: CRASH driven The person behind this channel (unknown at time of writing) is a gamer who posts videos around their game play (specifically vehicle crashes) on BeamNG.drive, a vehicle simulation video game Popular type to search. Sign In. Make a List Browse Lists Search Lists Leaders Help / Contact Newsletter. Top 50 YouTubers show list info. See How Many Different Famous Youtubers You Have Seen 118,793 users · 1,107,190 views made by sadster9000. avg. score: 19 of 50 (38%) required scores: 1, 9, 15, 21, 29 list.

Next up is Dude Perfect, a sports entertainment channel run by five guys from the US. They originally started with basketball trickshot videos, but they're now one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, and the second most popular sports one. Dude Perfect make videos on a whole range of stuff, although sport is still a main focus But, among the many Kenyan Youtubers, there are some who stand out as the best. Below is a list of Kenyan Youtubers and we will discuss what makes them tick and why they have many subscribers. 1. The Green Calabash. Shiku Nguru, a mother of two, started this YouTube channel in 2015. She started vlogging when she was pregnant with her second child Top 40 Richest & Popular Youtubers. Here is the list of top 40 most subscribed YouTubers. 1. PewDiePie (Sweden) PewDiePie is a YouTube channel operated by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. It is the world's most viewed YouTube channel. PewDiePie is a comedy channel where Felix posts satire about real-life situations Oh, and she graced the cover of Lucky magazine's February issue along with fellow bloggers Nicole Warne and Zanita Whittington. 2. Aimee Song, Song of Style. Song, 28, is a Los Angeles-based. January 25, 2015 Battled Leukemia for 2 years up until his death. Não Muito Noob: 486,000 Suicide (most likely alcohol and antidepressant overdose) July 18, 2019 Não Muito Noob suffered from depression since 2015; he promised to talk about what caused his depression but died before doing it. Goo Hara (a member of DSP Kara) 479,000 Suicid

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Throughout history, there have been many female YouTubers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female YouTubers such as Gigi Gorgeous, Lilly Singh, Mackenzie Davis, Rebecca Black, Trisha Paytas.The women YouTubers featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries Jake Paul: $11.5 million. Source: Getty Images. Following in his big bro's footsteps, Jake Paul is definitely one of the biggest names on YouTube. Along with his Team 10 crew, Jake's vlogs are filled with outrageous parties, crazy stunts, and a look inside his over-the-top lifestyle

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A great example is this powerful video entitled 'We Need To Talk', which the guys released in 2015. Most Popular Video: We're Engaged! Riyadh Khalaf. YouTube Bio: Irish - Slightly delusional - Occasionally annoying - Intrigued by everything - Easily entertained - Enjoys constant glorification. What We Love About Him: He's Irish Highest Paid YouTubers (2015-2020) 2014. PewDiePie - $12 million; Smosh - $8.5 million; Fine Brothers - $8.5 million; Lindsey Stirling - $6 million; Rhett & Link - $4.5 million; KSI - $4.5 million; Michelle Phan - $3 million; Lily Singh - $2.5 million; Roman Atwood - $2.5 million; Rosanna Pansino - $2.5 million; 2016. PewDiePie - $15 millio One of the most popular YouTubers made €6.7 million last year Nice work if you can get it. By Quinton O'Reilly Tuesday 7 Jul 2015, 3:39 PM. Jul 7th 2015, 3:39 PM 32,624 Views 13 Comments. http. Charles is most known for his collaboration videos with other prominent YouTubers and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Doja Cat, making him a well-known name on the platform. On his videos, Charles gains anywhere from 4.9M to 53M views, up to 2.5M likes, and hundreds of thousands of comments

Best 49 fitness YouTubers to watch in 2015. we've shortlisted our favourite 49 fitness YouTubers that we love - they're all worth checking out! Dana's one of the bodybuilding industry's most popular women and with over 138k YouTube subscribers, she must be doing something right Here are the 10 most popular YouTubers at the beginning of the decade, and what those stars are up to now: 10. What The Buck Show. He suffered a near-fatal car crash in 2015,. While it might be tough for the old guard to understand, YouTubers are some of the most popular people in the world today, and they are finally scoring gigs in Hollywood. So, without any further ado, here are 10 movies starring famous YouTubers. RELATED: 10 Disney Animated Movies That Have Not Aged Well. 10 Internet Famou You only get paid as a YouTuber if your channel is one of the most popular and you'll only make about $16,000 doing so. More recently, the site made it even more difficult for bloggers to earn. YouTube began requiring YouTubers to have at least 10,000 viewers to be able to earn advertising revenues from YouTube

Here's a list of the current top 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels of all-time, ranging from 61 to 162 million subscribers As of June 2019, two of the top ten most popular YouTube channels by number of subscribers were YouTubers primarily known for their work on the platform: PewDiePie and DudePerfect

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Here are the Most Popular Games on YouTube. YouTube releases a list of the top 10 most viewed video games on the site that includes 'Minecraft', 'League of Legends', and a few surprising additions Prajakta Koli or as she is better known as, MostlySane, is one of the most popular YouTubers in India right now. She has over 3 million subscribers and has recently completed four years of being a. If your kids are interested in specific topics (guitar, Minecraft, astronomy, current events, and so on), they're sure to find YouTubers whose videos focus narrowly on those subjects. This roundup is an overview of some of YouTube's most popular general-interest personalities (with a few exceptions of extremely popular category-specific stars who've attracted crossover fans) Top 10 Roblox YouTubers 2020. Flamingo. Flamingo, also known as Albertstuff, is a Roblox Youtuber with currently over 7M subscribers. He plays all sorts of fun games in Roblox. By that, I meant that he plays both underrated games and popular games. But mostly underrated ones. Most of his popular videos are him using admin commands

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Influencer Matchmaker have a wide network of Influencer talent, including some of the most subscribed YouTubers to help businesses improve their marketing efforts. Simply get in touch with the influencer team on 02039 580427 or email contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk to find out more about how we can help you to form a harmonious brand and influencer relationship in 2020 Enjoy their most popular video below — a match of 41 people in Speedos tossing each other around a wrestling ring. 10. stampylonghead (188,905,230 views; $2,373,518.64 earnings Dutch YouTubers and hearing about their stories and experiences. A big thanks to all people who helped me find participants and of course to the participants themselves! Wilma Westenberg September 2016, Enschede * On the front page you can see a picture of Enzo Knol, one of the most popular YouTubers from the Netherlands Here we will list the top ten most popular YouTube beauty gurus in 2020. If you want to know more, please read on. 1. Rclbeauty101. One of the biggest beauty YouTubers around, Rachel Claire Levin will win your heart from Day 1. She has created one of the most significant beauty communities on the platform, and her channel is growing rapidly

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