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Super Angebote für 2k Epoxy Primer hier im Preisvergleich. 2k Epoxy Primer zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen Günstige Preise & Mega Auswahl für 2k Primer Get the power of a two-component epoxy in the convenience of an aerosol with Rust-Oleum High Performance VK9300 System 2K Epoxy Primer Spray. This unique, no-mess formula enhances the performance of any top coat in mild-to-severe environments. Exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance; must have for every industrial tool cri VK9300 SYSTEM TWO COMPONENT (2K) EPOXY PRIMER AEROSOL Rust-Oleum Corporation Form: GDH-1093 11 Hawthorn Parkway Phone: 877•385•8155 Rev.: 031417 Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061 www.rustoleum.com/industrial An RPM Compan

Rustoleum 2K Epoxy Primer is a true two component, amine cured epoxy aerosol rust inhibitive primer. This unique product contains both components within the aerosol container and are activated prior to use. This primer can be used on clean steel, sound rusted steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and sound previously coated surfaces Rust-Oleum High Performance VK9300 System 2K Epoxy Primer Spray gives you the power of a two-component epoxy in the convenience of an aerosol. This unique, no-mess formula enhances the performance of any top coat in mild-to-severe environments. Exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance; must have for every industrial tool crib

2k means there are two components that need to be mixed together prior to spraying, such as a hardener or in the case of epoxy, an activator. If it's coming out of a spray can and unless it's the spray grenade then it can't be a 2k, it would be a 1k. For the second statement I'm confused and it doesn't really make sense HIGH PERF 2K EPOXY PRIMER AEROSOL-GRAY 13.2 OZ.Features: 2K Epoxy Primer blends two-component epoxy corrosion protection with easy,no mess aerosol convenience | Enhances the performance of any topcoat in mild to severe environments | Extended pot life for 4 days after activation | Fast Direct-To-Metal (DTM),sound rust and previously coated surface applicationMinimum Order: 6Standard Pack: 6EA/CACountry Of Origin: D Mix the paint: 2 parts paint, 1 part 2K non-Isocyanate Hardener then add 15% - 20% 2K Thinner to volume, this may vary depending on spray gun setup and air supply. Apply a cover coat of 2K paint , leave for 20 -30 minutes, depending on conditions The Rustoleum would maybe work, but if using that option, a longer cure time may limit the chances of lifting. I think the Rustoleum primer is the old tech lacquer based stuff and will sometimes swell from the top coat solvents Universell 2K Epoxi - Primer (grundfiller). Med utmärkta vidhäftnings- och korrosionsskyddsegenskaper samt hög lösningsmedelsbeständighet. För alla underlag. Till exempel: stål, aluminium, anodiserad/eloxerad aluminium, förzinkad stålplåt, rostfritt stål, glasfibe

Avoid these mistakes when spraying primer on a car. In this video we are spraying epoxy primer and spraying 2K primer surfacer. #epoxyprimer #2Kprimer Lea.. Epoxy primer can be applied directly on a bare metal, much like an etching primer. Epoxy primer evidently provides better and longer corrosion protection by creating a harder non-porous coating. The best thing about epoxy, though, has got to be its anti-corrosion property that completely stops rust from forming. This is one of if not THE most important feature a metal primer ought to have, especially for the kind of surface you will be working on 2k is slang term for a catalyzed product. 2 components = 2k. Generally speaking however, 2k is most often used to refer to Urethane based primer. Urethane has been seen to be better and have less shrinkage than solvent based primers like laquer. Epoxy primer is indeed epoxy based primer

FREE access to training at http://CollisionBlast.comAlso be sure to subscribe to this YouTube to stay tuned with upcoming videos every Tuesday at http://www... Epoxy Primer vs. Rustoleum Primer Discussion in ' The Hokey Ass Message Board ' started by Rustbucketrevival , Aug 26, 2008 . Joined: Jan 23, 200 For 300 dollars I had no idea the amount of work I was actually going to be putting into this. I'll restore panels, do body work, prime and paint the car and one day rebuild the motor to push some. Painting A Camaro Body with Epoxy Primer Paint - Eastwood - YouTube. In this video, we visit Street Vizions where the guys are spraying Eastwood Black Epoxy Primer on a 1967 Camaro body before.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Rustoleum 2K rattle can filler primer will work also depending on what kind of paint you are putting overtop of it. I do this all the time for small stuff. On my last car I shot the trim pieces with rattle can etch and rustoleum primer, then used a 2 part single stage paint from a gun with no compatibility issues

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The 2K epoxy primer by UCS is one of the easiest primers to apply. No need to use a paintbrush or squeegee with this product - all you have to do is activate the primer, shake it, and spray it. That's literally it! Needless to say, if you're looking for an easy-to-use product, this is it Generic primer spray is porous and allows the metal underneath to rust. 2-part epoxy primer is the only solution in a form of can. I bought x6 cans and the carbon composite hood for my '04 TL required x5 cans. Quality comes at a price, but since I do not yet have spray guns & compressor, this was the only solution

Two-part epoxy primers go one step further by including zinc phosphate, which increases its corrosion-inhibiting properties. Simply put, epoxy is the best primer for bare metal, making it excellent for newly fabricated metal parts or ones that have been fully stripped. 2. Mixed Surfaces - Some primers and coatings need the entire surface to be uniform and all the same material. Epoxy primers have excellent adhesion properties and will stick to bare metal, paints, primers and. Achieve maximum surface protection by starting with a base coat of Rust-Oleum High Performance 9300 System Epoxy Primer. This primer withstands extreme environments for long term protection. Provides unmatched adhesion between metal and top coats; Resists heavy abrasion, high moisture, and surfaces temps up to 300°F (149°C 9000 System FlorClad™ Primer - FlorClad™ Primer is a two component, 100% solids of epoxy resin polymer, designed for use with the FlorClad™ HD floor topping. Concrete & Garage Recoat Primer Concrete & Garage Recoat Primer Rust-Oleum® Concrete.. EPOXY FLOOR PRIMER TECHNICAL DATA CP-25 4700 SYSTEM ULTRAPLEXTM PRIMER ESD-WB ESD CONTROL EPOXY PRIMER - WATER-BASED Form: GDH-273 Rev.: 030116 1 .DESCRIPTION AND USES . UltraPlex™ MIXINGPrimer ESD-WB is designed for use with UltraPlex SD S coating electrostatic dissipativ

Rust-Oleum Automotive 12 oz. Self Etching Gray Primer Spray. Model# 249322. (224) $ 5 28. $ 5 28. Free delivery with $45 order. Set your store to see local. availability. Add to Cart Auto- und Motorrad-Zubehör von Top-Marken. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Get the power of a two-component epoxy in the convenience of an aerosol with Rust-Oleum High Performance VK9300 System 2K Epoxy Primer Spray. This unique, no-mess formula enhances the performance of any top coat in mild-to-severe environments paint sundries rustoleum vk9300 system 2k epoxy primer aerosol, Richmond Industrial Supply. For more information please select product. Items 1 to 50 of 314 tota

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RustOleum 2K Epoxy Primer. Times the money. for auction. 2- Day Online Only Farm & Equipment Consignment Auction Tuesday July 28th and Wednesday July 29th Bidding begins to close at 5pm CDT/6pmEST Auction Preview: July 20th-25th 9am-5pm and July 27th and 28th 9-5pm Virtual Preview on Kraft Auction Facebook Page: July 27th 5pm-7pm Auction Pick-up: July 29th-July 31st 9am-5pm and August 1st 9am. rustoleum epoxy primer . We always continually provide you with the most conscientious customer service, and the widest variety of designs and styles with finest materials. These efforts include the availability of customized designs with speed and dispatch for rustoleum epoxy primer, Benzeneamine,. I have done as you describe with a similar Rustoleum's and other's rust-converters (sort of a light-brown milky liquid) and PPG DPepoxy primer. So far it has held up fine after 5 years. Ti

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Rust-Oleum Primers. 312g . Branches across Canada have re-opened for counter service where allowed by local and regional government regulations. Has anyone had any experience with Rustoleum's rattle can epoxy primer? Universal 2K epoxy primer filler for all problematic surfaces; for example, metal, non-ferrous metal, galvanized sheet steel, or anodized aluminum. Rust-Oleum. Rust-Oleum. EPOXY PRIMER 1L. 30-623. 1 l; Bas. Varning. Upprepad kontakt kan ge torr hud eller hudsprickor. Innehåller epoxiförening. Kan orsaka en allergisk reaktion. Brandfarlig vätska och ånga. Irriterar huden. Kan orsaka allergisk hudreaktion. Orsakar allvarlig ögonirritation. Kan. 2K Epoxy Primer. Universal 2K epoxy primer filler for all problematic surfaces; for example, metal, non-ferrous metal, galvanized sheet steel, or anodized aluminum. Advantages. Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties, even critical surfaces such as aluminium; Very smooth flow; Outstanding insulating & sealing propertie I'd spray it first with a self-etching primer like Rustoleum sells in aerosol cans. Self-etching primer is ideal for prepping bare steel and it will make whatever compatible top coat you choose adhere better. https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/auto/primers/self-etching-primer Epoxy primer on clean rust free metal on the bottom,helps hold out any rust and moisture,then body filler,catalyzed 2k primer then paint. Usually doing any painting is time consuming and a lot of tedious work,can be expensive. It's no fun doing it twice

Our 2K Aerospray cans are great for small projects and touchups where you don't want to drag out your gun and fire up the air compressor. You get the benefits of a true 2-part epoxy without the mess. Existing Finishes: Epoxy primer is perfect for paint jobs over existing lacquer or enamel finishes Rustoleum Rust Converter then 2k Epoxy primer ? #577845 Fri Sep 25 2009 06:04 PM. Joined: Nov 2008. Posts: 20. Georgia, US. J. JB's 51 OP. Apprentice. My '51 1/2 ton stays outside and covered with a tarp to keep the rain off. I am in the process of sanding down my my cab

2K Rapid Grundfiller Spraymax Rapid Primer Filler non-isocyanate 400 ml. Universal, snabbtorkande 2K-grundfärg för en högkvalitativ grund in... info » 2K Epoxygrundfiller Med utmärkta vidhäftnings- och korrosionsskyddsegenskaper samt hög lösningsmedelsbeständighet As the name implies, epoxy primer gives you excellent adhesion, similar to applying epoxy glue while also sealing the bare metal from environmental elements. Since it relies on forming a mechanical bond with the metal, you have to manually create the bite it needs by sanding the entire surface of the body with 80 to 180-grit sandpaper Achieve maximum surface protection by starting with a base coat of Rust-Oleum High Performance 9300 System Epoxy Primer. This primer withstands extreme environments for long term protection. Sold as a gallon kit with Activator and this product only ships ground. Note: Sold as a full case of 4 gallon kits (4 Gallons of base, 4 Pints of activator) Rust-Oleum 5401 Impregnation Epoxy Primer. Rust-Oleum 5401 Impregnation Epoxy Primer is a two component, solvent free, high performance epoxy primer. Pack Size: 1 litre, 5 litres; Buy Now . Product Benefits. For porous concrete and other mineral surfaces. Impregnation of porous and brittle floors; Contains no solvents; Can be applied on slightly damp surface

Single pack, solvent based floor coating. For foot traffic, interior and exterior. For old concrete floors (>2 yrs), metal and wood. High gloss appearance, great hiding power. Touch dry after 6 hours (at 20°C) 8 m² per litre (two coats recommended) Available in different RAL colours Product Description. Rustoleum Powerfloat Epoxy Floor Primer 3366 Rapid is a 2 component, rapid curing, solvent-free, epoxy primer, specially developed to improve the adhesion of coatings to difficult substrates, in particular power-floated concrete. Best Uses. Rustoleum Powerfloat Epoxy Floor Primer 3366 Rapid offers excellent adhesion and binding. Motip Primer. 500 ml grunder i grå og rødbrun til hurtig forberedelse af de fleste overfladetyper: sten, metal, aluminium, træ og glas, som kan anvendes med alle malesystemer. 69,00 DKK. ColorMatic 2K Epoxy Grunder. 200 ml to-komponent epoxy baseret universal grunder til brug på alle slags metaller, inklusiv aluminium Order Rust-Oleum Aerosol 2K Epoxy Primer, Gray, 13.2 Oz, 247597 at Zoro.com. Great prices & free shipping on orders over $50 when you sign in or sign up for an account Pro XL 1k Epoxy Primer X 3 500ml Aerosol Spray Can ProXL. 4 out of 5 stars. (3) Total ratings 3, £12.99 New. Pro XL Ultra Etch Epoxy Primer Etching High Quality Ultraetch 1 Litre. £20.89 New. 1.25lt HB Body 989 2k 4 1 Epoxy Primer Surfacer Kit Inc Activator. 5 out of 5 stars

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2K Epoxy Primer. High-quality, adhesive 2-component epoxy resin-based primer. For corrosion protection of iron, steel, zinc, copper, galvanised surfaces, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, e.g. on tiles and fibre-reinforced plastics (polyester) and hard PVC Rustoleum EpoxyShield MAXX 5300 is a user friendly and easy to apply, water based 2 component epoxy garage floor paint that offers outstanding durability and high quality adhesion. Rustoleum EpoxyShield MAXX 5300 is the best on the market for offering outstanding resistance to the wear and tear of car tyres verhältnis 5 2K Epoxy Primer 2.5 Hardener 2K Epoxy Primer 1 Thinner 540 non Sanding Meßstab K Spritzpistole Düsengröße: Spritzdruck: 1.4 - 1.7 mm 2 - 4 bar* *Empfehlungen Spritzpistolenhersteller beachten Applikation 1 x 1 Schicht Ablüftzeiten Vor Decklack 15 - 20 Minuten bei 20°C Überlackierbarkeit Topcoat HS 420 Basecoat SB Basecoat WB G Rustoleum Vk9300 System 2k Epoxy Primer Spray. 2k Aerosol Epoxy Primer. Spraymax 2k Epoxy Primer. 2k Epoxy Primer Sealer Automotive Epoxy Primer Spray Can. Eastwood's 2K Epoxy Primer Aerosol allows you to paint with the durability and precision of a two-component coating without the paint gun!.. Download datasheets . Please select the product below for up to date product and safety datasheets. Material Safety Data Sheets are updated on a regular basis

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Epoxy primer is anti-roest grondverf met etende werking voor metaal, ijzer, aluminium en staal. 1K en 2K epoxy primer in spuitbus en blik van bekende merken als SprayMax, MoTip, MIPA en PPG Furthermore, what is the difference between epoxy primer and urethane primer? An epoxy primer is what you want to use on bare or freshly sandblasted steel for your maximum adhesion and rust prevention. The urethane primer is what you want to use after your bodywork is done as a filler primer.Epoxy is simply a primer, whereas 2K urethane primers are considered a primer surfacer PPG Selemix 2.704.0490/E8 2K Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 8kg. 2 pack primer with high zinc powder content; Provides a cathodic protection and outstanding resistance to severe weatherin

Auto- & Motorrad Zubehör von Top-Marken And I would use a 2k filler primer instead of an epoxy. I don't think you got to go to epoxy if you're going to go down a bare metal. You should go with epoxy, but if you're going to be 240 grit, all of your paint, then I would put two medium to heavy coats of 2k filler primer on it and block it down with 400 grit sandpaper rustoleum 2k epoxy spray primer. February 22, 2021 Uncategorized 0 Comments. Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:03 am Post subject: Using Epoxy Primer & 2K Primer - Please Help: Ok. So my last thread about cleaning bare metal and painting has led me to this topic. I've read where alot of you use Epoxy Primer and that primer type has a re-coat time of around 24 hours or so with about 2 hours being the soonest you can apply your color topcoat paint

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  1. After sanding the scratch, and scuffing the area around it can I apply 2k Epoxy Primer immediately or do I need to use a coat of Adhesion promoter? After the Epoxy Primer has cured, can I sand and Paint with the Single Stage Urethane Paint or do I need to add a few coats of filler primer (Rustoleum) or an additional primer over the epoxy Primer
  2. Grundfärg (primer) - rostskyddande eller en grund för fäste på t ex ren plast, glasfiber.På grundfärg lägger du sedan en slipgrund eller en vått i vått grund innan du lackerar.Det finns vissa grundfärger som du kan lackera direkt på men dessa är då inte fyllande och kan då medföra att ojämnheter syns igenom lacken
  3. Roller Rustoleum On Top Of Epoxy Primer - Sealer Needed? - posted in Bodywork, Paint and Detailing: Mini comes back from the bodyshop next week - new rear end panels and all have been epoxy primed. Im planning on roller painting the rear in Rustoleum Gloss White... do I need to apply a sealer to the epoxy primer before I start to roller
  4. 12.08.2014 · Epoxy Primer vs Self Etch Primer for Bare Metal - Duration: 9:16. Car Addict Garage 392,265 views. 9:16. 2K Aero-Spray Paint Technology in a Can on Kevin's Korner - Eastwood High build metal primer based on two-component epoxy resins offer extra protection against corrosion on bare or blasted metal

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MP180 2k sealer MP170 epoxy primer MX190 cleaner/degreaser MR185 fast reducer. Steve, I wouldnt use the MH165, MP 175, or the MH 167 if they are more than 5 years old. The MX 190 will be all right being its just a wax & grease solvent and the MR 185 SHOULD be allright 2K Epoxy Primer Primers/Surfacers 09/02/2020 L2.05.01 UK & Ireland 3/6 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET DESCRIPTION Two component, VOC compliant, mild chromate free epoxy primer for refinishing cars, chassis and also light commercial vehicles. Perfect substrate for Body fillers and Polyester spraying filler, for restoration, new work and repairs Feb 5, 2016 - Hirshfield's is a Minnesota-based, fourth generation, family-owned company in the decorating business for over 125 years

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2K Epoxy Primer Universal sandable primer filler answering the needs of all repair sizes and types. It gives outstanding corrosion protection and chemical resistance to most substrates and creates a flawless surface Find great deals for Rust-oleum Rustoleum Aerosol 2K Epoxy Primer Beige 14.1oz Beige 247598 . Shop with confidence on eBay PPG Selemix 2.704.0490/E8 2K Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer 8kg. 2 pack primer with high zinc powder content; Provides a cathodic protection and outstanding resistance to severe weatherin

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  1. 2K Epoxy Primer Date: 21st October 2016 Technical Data Sheet Version:01 TDS P05 - EP41 Epoxy Primer page 5 of 5 The information provided in this documentation has been carefully selected and arranged by us. It is based upon our best knowledge on the subject at.
  2. 2k Urethane Primer, Epoxy Primer or Polyester Filler Primer for Your Classic Build? THE STORY. Hey Tony, I enjoyed today's live stream. Unfortunately, I got called away when you were answering my question about polyester primer vs urethane primer
  3. 2K EPOXY PRIMER - SEALER 2K Epoxy Primer Sealer is a chromate and isocyanate-free product designed to be used as a corrosion resistant primer. Direct to metal, it dries fast and provides very good topcoat holdout. Primer can be used on all properly prepared metals
  4. 8 matches. ($15.12 - $68.43) Find great deals on the latest styles of Rustoleum epoxy primer. Compare prices & save money on Paint & Wall Covering Supplies

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If you need a rustoleum epoxy paint we have them at everyday low prices. Skip to Main Content. Coronavirus Update: Zoro is committed to keeping our customers and employees safe. Get Details. Customer Service From Real People. We're here to help! Call (855) 289-9676. Welcome. Sign In. PRODUCT DATA SHEET HIGH BUILD EPOXY PRIMER D8002/D3002 or D9002/D3002 Airless Equipment Binks or equivalent Spray Gun: Airless 1 Orifice Size: .028 - .043 Fan Size & Angle: 8 - 80°, or 6 - 60° On a 25-1 pump, the pressure gauge should read 70 - 80 PSI On a 40-1 pump, the pressure gauge should read 50 - 60 PSI Product is not recommended for roll-and-tip application With stringent environmental and health regulations, waterborne coatings are increasingly replacing solventborne paints. Significant advances have been made: new waterborne epoxy resin and amine curing agent technologies provide excellent corrosion resistance when appropriate two-component (2K) formulations are used. In the specific case of epoxy primers enriched with zinc for extra corrosion.

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A primer is generally used to help cover up old paint jobs, or to provide a base for the top coat and allow it to stick better. The appliance paint you mention has epoxy in it (glue), and as such won't need a primer to help it adhere, the paint is designed to stick directly to bare metal and form a bond OMNI WHITE EPOXY PRIMER GALLON. List Price 144.25; Gallons Compare; MP171-4. EPOXY PRIMER WHITE. List Price 40.40; Quart Compare; MP172-1. OMNI EPOXY PRIMER BLACK GA. List Price 144.25; Gallons Compare; OMNI 2K PRIMER SURFACER GA. List Price 117.30; Gallons Compare; MP282-4. OMNI 2K PRIMER SURFACER QT. List Price 31.95; Quart Compare; MP292.

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SprayMax 3680033, 2K Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer, Gray, Aerosol. Product expires approximately 36 months after the manufacturer date on the can; Once activated, the potlife is apprximately 4 days; The SprayMax 3680033 2K Epoxy Rust-Cure Primer is a 2K epoxy aerosol spraycan that has excellent corrosion resistance and maximum adhesion to bare metals Epoxy primers are not very difficult to use as even absolute beginners can do it, and you do not need any experience. If you can paint, then you can apply the epoxy primer. However, some types are still easier to use than others. For example, a spray epoxy primer like the UCS 2K 50771 Z will give yo Zeer goede hechting Voor binnen en buiten Watervast Geurarm tijdens verwerking En meer Ruwol 2K Epoxy primer is een transparante primer m

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  1. Amazon.co.uk: epoxy primer Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads, including interest-based ads
  2. Apply Marine Epoxy Primer Seal the surface with 2-3 coats of Tuff Stuff Epoxy Primer. Apply the first coat of marine epoxy primer and allow the surface to dry to become tacky. Temperature and humidity affect the dry time, but you will know when to apply your next coat of marine epoxy primer once the paint film becomes tacky
  3. The convenient RAPTOR 2K Bedliner Aerosol offers a fast, easy way to apply RAPTOR without compromising performance, no spray equipment necessary. This colored bed liner spray can is ideal for spot repairs and small jobs. More than just a bed liner, RAPTOR is a highly durable and tough protective coating. Use RAPTOR on a variety of surfaces that need a protective barrier that withstands the.
  4. ium. Kan både torrslipas eller våtslipas. Kan även användas som nonsanding (vått i vått). Utmärkt vid renovering av gamla bilar, kan stå lång tid utan att överlackeras (vattentät). Blandningsförhållande: 2:
  5. F-286/2 2K Epoxy Shop-Primer F-282/2 2K Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer ALFAPOX 1675 CG G 2K HIGH BUILD Epoxy Primer

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2K Epoxy Primer 2K Epoxy Primer 2K Epoxid Grundierfüller zum Füllern bei speziellen Anforderungen. Datenblätter. Zur MSDS Suche. Produkteigenschaften Hochfüllend. überspachtelbar mit Polyestermaterialien. sehr guter Korrosionsschutz.. AL416 is a medium grey 2K Epoxy Primer created to sustain and support further growth in the value segment by increasing the alternatives of repair in the Car Refinish market. This new 2K Epoxy Primer is being launched alongside its 0.75L dedicated hardener. Packsize: 0.75

Epoxy Primer Paint at Best Price in IndiaRust-Oleum Primer UPC & Barcode | upcitemdbPS3045 Epoxy Primer Black-G/Q | ChemSpec USANovol for Classic Car Epoxy Primer 3:1 - Anti Corrosion

Protec Epoxy Primer (faster option) or PP-3450 Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer - Grey. Startline® P400 - P800 (wet) TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CLEANING Before and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreased using 123 Protec Heavy Duty Wax & Grease Remover Epoxy primer filler 2-K 200ml - ColorMatic hi-speed 2K epoxiprimer fyllmedel är allmänt tillämplig på alla metalliska ytor som stål, galvaniserat stå U-POL Raptor Epoxy primer is a 2K anti-corrosive VOC compliant primer with excellent salt spray resistance for application to most substrates. Suitable as a primer or as a primer filler for industrial refinish applications, the primer also provides excellent anti-rust protection. PROPERTIES Easy to apply RCEP5LK-TDS-AU 13/08/2018 1/ Cheap paint jobs are soooo hot right now... $25 in primer, $35 in White RustOleum Appliance Epoxy

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