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Shop Now for DJI FPV, Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, DJI OM4, Pocket 2, Ronin gimbals, and more. Dji Get up to 75% off sitewid The Spark is no longer in production. For the latest in DJI technology, please view our product. DJI Spark | Full Specifications: Number Of Rotors: 4, Weight: 95, Colour of product: Black,Blue, Black,Green, Black,Red, Black,White, We and our partners use cookies to give you the best online experience, including to personalise advertising and content The DJI Spark has a take-off weight of 300 grams. That is again similar to the weight of a 24-piece Ferrero Rocher box or a small bottle of honey. Pretty light

Spark weighs just 300 grams (including battery and propellers), and can hit tops speed up to 31 mph in Sport Mode (remote controller needed)! The HD camera captures 12 MP still images, and records 1080p, 30FPS video footage If the DJI specs are correct, the Spark takeoff weight is 300 Grams or 10.58 oz. To be considered an UAS by the FAA (former requirement to register the UAS) the drone must be .55 lbs (8.8 oz) up to 55 lbs Although in mid-2018, all the problems were fixed, and the original Spark is still one of the best lightweight drones on the market. It still weighs over 300 grams, which are over the weight limit. It is rumored in early 2019 that DJI Spark 2 will be getting a weight reduction and brand new foldable design this fall The takeoff weight of the drone is 300 grams and is able to sit securely in the palm of your hand. Takeoff also occurs from the palm of your hand. The DJI Spark specs in terms of speed are pretty good. The maximum ascent speed of the Spark is 9.8 feet per second and the same for the descent speed DJI Spark features a lightweight design at 300 g, which is a very respectable weight for a mini drone. DJI Mavic Mini weighs less than 250 grams and features foldable arms that allow it to be conveniently stored in a bag. When it comes to portability, DJI Mavic Mini takes the leading position. DJI Mavic Mini vs. Spark: Image Qualit

Hi Max, very useful info. I am going to try to irrigate palm trees with insecticide to try to kill the bugs that are attacking them. I figure a platic bag with 100 g. and a small hole to let it drip in, say, 5 minutes. I couldn't see how you attached the load. I guess you were careful to make the knot in the center of equilibrium of the Spark If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel.

DJI Mavic Mini: DJI Spark: Weight: 249g: 300g: Maximum Altitude: 3,000m: 4,000m: Range: 4km (2.5 miles) 2km: Flight Time: 30 minutes 16 minutes: Max Speed Flying 47 km/h Ascent 4 m/s Descent 3/ms: Flying 50 km/h Ascent 3 m/s Descent 2/ms: Gimbal: 3-axis mechanical: 2-axis mechanical: Camera Sensor: 1/2.3 CMOS: 1/2.3 CMOS: ISO : Video 100-3200 Photo 100-1600: Video 100-3200 Photo 100-160 How much weight can the DJI Spark Drone (https://goo.gl/9RJ3WQ) carry? I have taken it to the test.All links can be found below.Related LinksWatch the full d.. Spark Mavic Air; Weight: 0.66 lbs (300 g) 0.95 lbs (430 g) Size: 6.7 in (170 mm) Folded: 168×83×49 mm, Unfolded: 168×184×64 mm: Firmware Update Method: USB from laptop or phone/tablet. In The Box: Spark. DJI Spark; 4 propellers + pair of extra props; Battery; Charger; Micro USB Cable; Storage Box; Spark Fly More Combo. DJI Spark; Remote Controlle

Take-Off Weight 0.66 lbs Rotors Qt The spark also supports DJI Goggles this is a dominant feature because the Mavic mini that lies in the same price category does not have this feature. The DJI spark is one of the smallest drone made by DJI. It fits in the palm and weighs next to nothing, just 300 grams (with battery) less than twice the weight of the DJI Mavic pro The Spark's body is pretty sturdy. The Spark may be small, but it's well built, and there's no denying that the body is sturdy as anything. You'll be surprised how heavy the body actually is. The sturdiness of the body's build means that the battery and the majority of the important technology is protected by the hard shell

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  1. The DJI Spark manages all this just as the more professional models do, based around a 3S (3 cell) LiPo which produces 1,480 mAh from its 95g. The battery check button easily reached from the back of the drone when that battery is in place, though the design seems unnecessarily chunky, especially compared to the Mavic Mini
  2. 214×91×84 mm (length×width×height) Unfolded: 322×242×84 mm (length×width×height) Folded: 214×91×84 mm (length×width×height) Unfolded: 322×242×84 mm (length×width×height) 289.5 × 289.5 × 196 mm (L×W×H) Weight
  3. The DJI Spark is small, but is it as capable as DJI says? I did into every possible question you have, After that, you look at weight. With the battery the Mavic comes in at 734g, while the Spark comes in at 300g. That's just massive when you're looking at carrying something lightweight
  4. i.So we can find out which drone is better in 2020.. The Dji Mavic

The weight continues on with this same story of size, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is 570 grams in weight, and the DJI Spark is 300 grams, nearly half the weight. Performance Comparison. The DJI Mavic Air 2 is the faster of the two drones, capable of 68kmh at top speed and the DJI Spark is capable of a top flight speed of 50kmh The DJI Spark is meant to fill the gap between serious dronies / professionals and those who just want to have fun without breaking the bank. It's essentially an entry-level drone and nothing more. If you already own the Mavic Pro / Phantom / Inspire, the Spark will just be a dust collector on your shelf once you realize how inferior it is to what you already have The DJI Spark introduced a brand new segment for the drone company, launching a tiny machine that packs more fun features than powerful specs. This drone had everyone talking about the Jedi mind tricks you can play with the machine, using the front camera and object detection to accept hand gestures for some basic controls For us, that's the weight. Compared to the other DJI Spark cases on this list, the Hardshell Handbag is one of the heaviest. But if durability is your main concern, it shouldn't bother you too much. What We Love. A sturdy case that offers the complete protection with a hard shell and hard foam

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  1. i-drone may only weigh 245 grams (!) and may officially be part of the Spark Series. Will the Chinese drone maker call it the Spark 2 after all? Let's take a look at the DJI Mavic Mini leaked specs
  2. DJI Mavic Mini Vs DJI Spark . When it comes to good quality and portable drones, DJI has some excellent options for you. The Spark and the Mavic Mini are both very popular and excellent drones on the market. They both have a lot of intelligent flight options, and specs
  3. utes and simply start shooting. If you decide to buy this drone, click on the image bellow to see the best offer (Amazon Choice) fro DJI Spark on Amazon, with the latest promo and DISCOUNTS applied
  4. Dji spark controller RC Toys SAVE money by comparing prices on 900+ models Read reviews and expert tests - Make a better purchase today at PriceRunner
  5. Dji Spark Drohne zu Bestpreisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic
  6. Spark Mavic Air; Weight: 0.66 lbs (300 g) 0.95 lbs (430 g) Size: 6.7 in (170 mm) Folded: 168×83×49 mm, Unfolded: 168×184×64 mm: Firmware Update Method: USB from laptop or phone/tablet. In The Box: Spark. DJI Spark; 4 propellers + pair of extra props; Battery; Charger; Micro USB Cable; Storage Box; Spark Fly More Combo. DJI Spark; Remote.
  7. I am from Belgium and would like to buy a spark from Amazon, i Found a solution to do it but for that i need to have the size and weight of a dji spark box with the spark and the accesoires, the shipping weight. (NOT fly more combo). Thanks

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DJI Spark - Mini Drone overview and full product specs on CNET. COVID-19. Weight 10.58 oz. Updated 19/7/17: we've now taken the Spark's controller (available as part of the £699 Fly More combo pack) out for a spin to see how it compares to using the smartphone app. Scroll down to read our findings in the 'DJI app and controller' section below.. For most of us, drones are still a bit like camcorders were in the '80s - great gadgets to have around, as long as someone else is. Also See for dji spark. dji SPARK User Manual 123 pages. dji SPARK User Manual 73 pages. dji Spark User Manual 56 pages. Related Manuals for dji spark. Drones dji SPARK Appendix Specifications Aircraft Weight 296 g Dimensions 143x143x53 mm Diagonal Length 172 mm (propellers excluded) Max Ascent Speed 9.8 ft/s (3 m/s) in Sport Mode Max.

The little brother to DJI Mavic Pro, the Spark features a 2-Axis Gimbal and a 12MP camera for still shots. It can also record videos at Full HD (1920×1080) at a frame rate of 30fps. While this all sounds great, DJI does not provide a manual in their packaging. So, if you've recently bought the DJI Spark and are wondering how to hook it up. DJI Spark, which has a camera, weighs 300g and the phantom is 1300g (or 1.3 kg). The Outrider has a weight of 1.7 kg (1700g) so is not in the 200-2000kg weight category as you describe. Accuracy, especially with the new regulations across the world, is critical in this type of report

Dji spark SPARA pengar genom att jämföra priser på 1000+ modeller Läs omdömen och experttester Betala inte för mycket - Gör ett bättre köp idag A DJI Spark review should mention how very, very short the battery life. and the wind tends to push it around because of the drone's light weight. DJI Spark Fly More Combo Wrap Up. The weight difference is much different between the two, with the Fimi X8 SE 2020 weighing in at 765 grams and the DJI Spark being 465 grams lighter at a total weight of 300 grams. It's not as light as the DJI Mavic Mini but is a very lightweight camera drone Leading Up to the Spark 2. The original DJI Spark was released in May 2017. The company marketed this little quad as a budget-friendly drone with high-quality photo, filming, and flying capabilities. The standout features of the DJI Spark original look like this: Weight: 0.66 pounds (300g) 12-megapixel camera, 1080p 30fps; 2-axis gimbal.

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Plus, the Spark is much quieter due to the weight reduction and smaller propellers. This makes it perfect for flying in places where you don't want to bother/annoy anyone. The other advantage of it being quieter is that it attracts a lot less attention which in some cases can get you that more natural spontaneous shot To make things even easier, the DJI Spark has video capture flying modes much like the Scene Modes on consumer cameras. This means you get great results by selecting the mode that suits the occasion. For what the Spark is designed to do, it is punching way above its weight class The Spark is very convenient when you instantly download the result to your smartphone while flying or right after landing wirelessly. The DJI Go 4 can stitch panos and the 1080p video downloads fast right after the flight over Wi-Fi at speeds close to 2.5 Mbytes per second, but there isn't a word about it in the review DJI OM 4: Specs Weight: 390 g (gimbal) Dimensions: 276×119.6×103.6 mm (unfolded), 163×99.5×46.5 mm (folded) Battery Life: 15 hours (Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced) Charging Time: 2.5 hrs (Measured with a 10W charger) Compatible Phone Weight: 230 ± 60 g Check out more details here DJI Spark går att flyga på tre olika sätt, med kontrollen, mobilen och med handrörelser. DJI Spark är stabil att flyga med och det känns väldigt säker tack vare drönarens hindersensorer som känner av att den kommer för nära att objekt. Tack vare den lätta vikten och de kraftfulla motorerna kan DJI Spark flyga i hela 50km/h

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a few days with DJI's latest and smallest drone, the Spark. The Spark is a remarkable piece of engineering. Weighing in at just 300 grams it's. DJI Spark 2 will be the successor to the most accessible DJI drone to date, both in terms of price tag and ease of use.At a price tag just over £500 ($500) it still isn't cheap, but you get a ton of great drone tech for that money The DJI Spark is tiny. It weighs only 300 grams which is about .62 pounds. It is less than half the weight off the Mavic pro which is 734 grams. DJI spark is so light that it is almost lighter than FAA requirement to register a drone which is 0.55 pounds DJI Mini 2 has significantly improved its wind resistance during flight and can be reliably flown in up to 29-38kph winds. It can also hover stably when wind speeds are as high as 8.5-10.5 m/s. 9. How high can DJI Mini 2 fly? The maximum flight altitude is 500 m and the max takeoff altitude is 4000 m, but this can vary by country and region due to local laws SPARK Battery Charging Hub V1.0 2017.05 User Guide 使用说明 使用說明 ユーザーガイド 사용자 가이드 Bedienungsanleitung Guía de usuari

DJI Spark Phillips Self-Tapping Screw M1.6x6 . A single replacement screw for a DJI Spark drone: Phillips self-tapping M1.6x6. Part number YC.WJ.L00039. $2.99 . DJI Spark Upper Aircraft Cover . Replace a cracked or scratched plastic top cover on the main body of a DJI Spark drone. From $2.99 . DJI Spark Power. SPARK The DJI™ SPARK™ is DJI's smallest flying camera featuring a stabilized camera, Intelligent Flight Modes, and Obstacle Avoidance inside a light, portable body. Equipped with a Vision System and 3D Sensing System*. Spark can film 1080P videos, capture 12-megapixel photos, and is capable of QuickShot and Gesture Control It's basically as small as the 2017 DJI Spark, but the Mavic lineup's foldable legs make it even more portable. It weighs just 249 grams, which is just one gram under the weight cutoff for FAA. None of DJI's consumer drones are designed to carry anything other than the cameras that they come with. But with social distancing, and general boredom, a lot of people have experimented with tying cargo like donuts or beer bottles to the bottom of their drone and making deliveries. Which begs the question: How much weight can a drone like the Mavic Air 2 lift

Since the Spark is so cheap, DJI had to cut corners somewhere, and one way of doing that was to make the design static (non-foldable). This means that while it is much smaller than the Original Mavic Pro while flying, once the Mavic Pro is folded up, it retains a more compact shape The UK's new Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme has gone live today.. The new regulations apply to drones and model aircraft from 250g to 20kg that are used outdoors. So that means that DJI's recently-released Mavic Mini does not need to be registered, as it weighs 249g, but you still need to follow the Drone Code, which promotes safe flying DJI Spark. 489 likes · 1 talking about this. Alle Infos zur neuen DJI | SPARK Drohne

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For $699 (AU$1,199, £699), DJI bundles the Spark, extra props and a set of prop guards, two batteries and a charging hub for refreshing three batteries at once, a remote controller and a carry. DJI Spark Vit. Möt Spark, en drönare i miniatyr som inte kompromissar på innehållet. Intelligent flygkontroll, en mekanisk gimbal, samt en kamera som fångar fantastisk video gör att du får en drönare som flyttar gränserna på vad som är möjligt. Recensioner. Anonym Recension The DJI Spark comes in five colors: Alpine White, Lava Red, Meadow Green, Sky Blue, and Sunrise Yellow. The DJI Spark has a 12-megapixel camera and is capable of taking 1080p pictures, as well as 1080p videos at 30 fps. A Micro SD card can be inserted into a slot on the body of the DJI Spark to store videos and photos that are taken

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SparkPilots is the leading online community for DJI Spark drone enthusiasts and a member of the DronePilots Network. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites Tillbehör som passar till Dji Spark. Beställ direkt eller köp i någon av våra butiker - Kjell & Compan DJI Spark. The Spark was DJI's first to feature gesture flight controls. On the other hand, the larger size and weight is partly because of its battery that keeps in the air for up to 27 minutes DJI Spark är otroligt kul att flyga, och för snabba bilder eller filmklipp är den ett bra sätt att uppnå dramatiska bilder utan att behöva vara en avancerad drönarpilot. Att styra med handgester, när de fungerar, är också bra. Förhoppningsvis kommer det dyka upp någon mjukvaruuppdatering frampå som gör den mer tillförlitlig

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  1. DJI Spark Remote Controller. Sparks fjärrkontroll har ett helt nytt signalsändningssystem med Wi-Fi som är i stånd att styra drönaren med ett maximalt avstånd på 2 km. Fjärrkontrollen kan ansluta till en mobil enhet trådlöst och visa en livevideo via DJI GO-appen
  2. ner en hel del om DJI Mavic Pro men är ännu mer kompakt (dock ej hopfällbar) och dessutom betydligt billigare. Spark kan lyfta från handflatan och känner även igen ens ansikte. När den väl är i luften och hovrar kan man styra den med handgester, förutsatt att den befinner sig inom tre meters avstånd
  3. i-drone will come back in stock at some point in time
  4. The DJI Spark is a $500 palm-size gesture-controlled selfie drone for the masses, but it's hampered by short flying time and an app that could be easier to use
  5. The DJI Spark remote is an extremely well designed piece of equipment. Being that going from a mobile device the Spark going from 7 mph to up to 33 mph with the remote and distance over 1 mile. You haven't really experienced the Spark until you get the remote

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Before the DJI Spark will leave the ground, or your hand, you'll need to run firmware updates and activate the drone with DJI. Activation is a new thing, you'll need an account with DJI, so have your password ready, or get ready to make a new one. Warning, the DJI Spark is noisy reproduced in any form without the prior written consent or authorization of DJI. Introduction SPARK™ Propeller Guards are used to protect people or objects from spinning propellers. In the Box Propeller Guard × 4. EN 5 Weight (single unit) 9.5 g Radius 145 mm Installation Circumference 266 × 266 × 55 m Antennerna på DJI Spark, Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom och Mavic Mini är rundstrålande för att täcka lika långt oavsett om du har drönaren bakom dig eller rakt framför dig. Signalförstärkaren består av två parabolformade och metallbeklädda halvor som träs på fjärrkontrollens antenner och gör därmed att signalerna koncentreras och riktas åt ett mycket mer begränsat håll DJI, the Chinese drone makers often introduce updates for their drones, in order to correct errors or to enhance the drone's overall performance. Although these would be an optional thing, the recent announcement by the company that all DJI Spark drones will have to be updated with the latest firmware before September has created a [ DJI Mavic Mini 2 Fly More Combo (Avdrag moms) 6 000 kr. Butik. Sea-Doo Spark 2up 90 hk iBR inkl Click n go trailer. 79 900 kr. Halmstad Bilcenter AB. Företag

DJI MAVIC 2 ENTERPRISE; DJI PHANTOM 4 RTK; DJI PHANTOM 4 MULTISPECTRAL; DJI MATRICE 200-SERIEN V2; DJI MATRICE 300 RTK; FLYABILITY ELIOS 2; NYTTOLASTER. DJI Zenmuse P1; DJI Zenmuse X7; DJI Zenmuse X5S; DJI Zenmuse Z30; DJI Zenmuse XT2; DJI Zenmuse H20 Serien; FLIR Vue TZ20; FLIR Duo Pro R; FLIR Vue Pro R; Gremsy. Gremsy - Pixy F; Gremsy. Calibrate DJI Spark Compass Steps. Here are the instructions on how to calibrate the DJI Spark compass, which is pretty easy to do. Generally, you should only calibrate the DJI Spark compass when the DJI Go 4 app or the status indicators (red or red / yellow blinking) prompt you to do so DJI recently released the Robomaster S1, a ground-based robot aimed at educators and students interested in Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics (STEM). This latest cancellation of the Spark 2 has insiders and enthusiasts, alike, wondering when they plan on shipping a new-and-improved drone DJI spark remote control Combo includes remote app. second the drone cant connect to any thing or scan anything if the app is bugged so its pretty much just a paper weight with props. don't bother messaging their support staff either because they have no clue what the issue is or how to resolve it. not only that from what i.

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DJI's Spark is a breeze to fly and hits the affordability sweet spot—unless you want to add in some extra batteries or control options. By Séamus Bellamy Macworld Sep 20, 2017 11:00 pm PD The DJI Spark can be used hands-free and semi-hands-free using the DJI Go mobile app, or it can be fully controlled using the remote. The remote controller provides the Spark with further operating range, a camera tilt scroll wheel, and a faster maximum speed of up to 21 mph in Sport mode Från DJI kommer denna modell som är en av de populäraste hos oss just nu. Idag är lägsta pris på Spark Remote Controller 1995 kr. För det priset får du en leksak som passar alla åldrar! Denna modell har ett användarbetyg på 4.53 av 5 So how often should you recalibrate the Spark? Well, I used to be one of those people who said to calibrate before every flight, but every drone DJI makes gets better and better at handling interference, so now I do things a bit differently. If I'm moving over 100 miles, I'll recalibrate the drone Med DJI Spark kan alla flyga drönare på sekunder Nu har det blivit mycket enklare att fotografera och spela in video från luften. Den nya och otroligt lilla kameradrönaren från drönarjätten DJI kan styras med handrörelser

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  1. DJI SPARK STEALTH PropellersLow-noise, high performance STEALTH Propellers for DJI Spark. A genuine upgrade for your aircraft. Upgrade your DJI SPARK for quiet operation, long flight time and improved performance. Available in: Black, Red, Green, Amber Yellow, and Aqua Blue Compatible with: DJI Spark LOW-NOISE QUIET FLIGHTAircraft noise is reduced with up to -3.0dB representing almost 50%.
  2. Master Airscrew - DJI Spark Stealth Upgrade Propellers - Propeller till DJI Spark - Röd - Kit 4-Pack Hög kvalitet och lägre ljudnivå är vad amerikanska Master Airscrews propellrar är kända för, här till DJI Spark. Ljudet från propellrarna reduceras med upp till -3.0dB vilket motsvarar 50% lägre ljudstyrka*
  3. Dji Spark original drone 2 Battery,radio control,battery charge, filter Richmond, London For sale refurbished dji spark, complete with 2 batteries, battery charger, remote control, filter, cables and accessories, spare propellers and a new landing landig pad sealed with its accessories, drone in perfect condition

DJI Spark Drone Parts and accessories are available at amazing prices. Buy now. We're a premier manufacturer and distributor of drones for sale in Australia. Rise Abov DJI Spark vs. DJI Mavic Air: Price With them both having launched a few years ago now, neither drone will cost too much if you're happy to go looking for old stock and scour the internet for used. DJI's latest drone, DJI Mavic Mini has been rumored over the last few months to be the DJI Mavic Air or a DJI Spark replacement. We can finally say the DJI Mavic Mini will be replacing the Spark for an important reason other than the improved specs and new look.. Why the DJI Mavic Mini killed the DJI Spark. The DJI Mavic Mini is replacing the DJI Spark (RIP Sparky) which is the right.

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  1. Om du köper DJI Care Refresh separat för en tidigare köpt DJI produkt, kommer DJI Care Refresh att aktiveras automatiskt inom 24 timmar. Ditt serviceavtal kommer att skickas till din via e-post. Om din drönare måste bytas ut kommer den att ersättas med en ersättningsenhet som är ny eller motsvarar en ny i prestanda och pålitlighet
  2. Figure 1 Here are three views of the DJI Spark drone from the Fly More Combo kit, including the charging dock, propeller guards, extra propellers, and the controller, shown under the two extra batteries on the far right. Splurge for the extra batteries: they're worth it. At the time of its debut, the Spark was one of the most anticipated drones ever, and for good reason. Out of the box it.
  3. iature size and ability to be flown with hand gestures. But how does it compare to the more established Phantom 3 range?Lets found out the crucial differences so that you can make the best purchase. Size. The first thing you will notice is the significant size difference between the Spark and the Phantom.
  4. Litchi is compatible with the DJI Spark, Mavic, Phantom and Inspire series. Plan waypoint missions anywhere. Whether you are a professional or beginner, Litchi offers the most intuitive yet powerful waypoint mission engine. Our mission planner is available on all.
  5. DJI Spark Power Distribution Board Socket Mount Screw . A single replacement screw for securing the power distribution circuit board socket in a DJI Spark drone. Part number YC.WJ.L01462.02. $2.99 . Showing products 1 - 6 of 6 . Device Info. The DJI Spark.
  6. DJI SPARK. 27,720 likes · 21 talking about this. Electronic
  7. Counter to its small size, the DJI Spark comes with powerful motors that make it nimble in the air. However, at the same time, the Spark visibly struggles to hover in the presence of a heavy.
With DJI Spark, flying a drone can be a real fun activity

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DJI Spark 2 rumors and specs. It has been very quiet for a long time now when it to the DJI Spark. I mean, DJI released a firmware update back in December of 2017 and released the DJI Spark BROWN last summer, but otherwise there really hasn't been any news around this little drone DJI often release firmware updates for their products to fix bugs, improve functions and add features. This how-to guide focuses on how to update the DJI Spark mini-quadcopter. Luckily for those who are new to drones, the process to upgrade the firmware on your Spark is made really easy thanks to the DJI GO 4 app. B DJI Spark Review: Great Video, But Gesture Controls Need Work While pricey, the DJI Spark is the company's smallest and least expensive drone, and can be controlled using nothing but your hand Original reservdel från DJI till Spark. Motorn kan användas som CW eller CCW och användas på valfri motorplats. Partnummer BC.PT.S0028 light weight, good performance, Description:, Features: 1, Quick Release 2, Suitable for the DJI Spark RC Drone 3, With rechargeable battery that you can charge it many times, 4 5 different colors LED flash light that is cool and attractive, 5,With high quality, New goods listing Great prices, huge selection Lowest Prices Get cheap goods online High Quality with affordable prices

DJI Spark GPS navigation module board – US Drone PartsCrystalsky 5Buy DJI Mavic Mini from £349DJI Inspire 1 Dual Led Spotlight
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